JOHN GRAHAM is the executive director of Good Samaritan Home, in Greenville, OH, a non-profit social service agency, offering ex-offenders reentry housing and mentoring support. He is the author of an academic book, Citizen Circle: A Mentoring Model for Rehabilitating Ex-offenders in Darke County, Ohio, that documents the positive impact that mentoring ex-offenders has on the community.

Prior to that he was a door-to-door salesman, a children’s home counselor, substitute school teacher, truck driver, fireman, building contractor, minister and a journalist. Sometimes the road home takes many twists and turns.

John has just completed a fiction book titled Running As Fast As I Can that follows the life of Daniel Robinson as he struggles to overcome generations of poverty, neglect and abuse that have left him totally incapable of the life, and love, he desperately wants.

John is a member of the San Antonio Writers’ Guild and the Writers’ League of Texas.